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Don’t be trapped by the potential of being in love. You have a beautiful mind and soul and it doesn’t deserve to be wasted on any girl or boy. I know that it hurts, and trust me it feels even worse when you can still sense every word and smile and laugh of theirs fall to your stomach. I understand how it feels to have your constellations and sky crumble but you’ll have to create a new one, a better one. Someone who you can honestly look at and who can honestly look at you and will not be able to fathom the words for you. It’s not the blood in your veins that keeps you alive, it’s the pumping of love. You should be in love with the idea of being in love with life, of being young, of being you, and not disheartened by any girl or boy who does not want to talk about their feelings."

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Coralie Jouhier. 
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Where do I find you
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